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*Have achieved quality B2B leads for a cost of 20 INR with the help of Lookalike and narrow audience targeting in facebook and instagram

*Generated 450 leads for a B2B leads from global countries for a CPL of 11$

*Have successfully spent and monitored a total spend of 15000$ per month with multiple campaigns running with different optimization and experiment

*Have achieved 1100% improvement in impressions in SEO and 250% improvement in clicks in 3 months duration

*Have achieved results with new strategy of RAPID SEO for startup companies

UPPapp factory – FB Cover

Google Ads Campaign

Overview - 464-415-7993 - Google Ads

Lead Optimization

Inmail Campaign – Content with snippets

Creative Samples


Yorent Application Statistics

Yorent – Ranking Report


Creatives Sample



Alexa Ranking –

Ranking Report for Keywords

GMB Report
SEO Graph

Seo Graph

SEO Work Samples

Keyword : Travel Portal Development

Webpage :

Search Volume : 1500/Month

Position : 4th 

Keyword : b2b travel portal

Webpage :

Search Volume : 9900/Month

Position : 4th

Keyword : Order Food Online – in Coimbatore

Webpage :

Search Volume : above 4500/Month

Position : 7th 

Keyword : coimbatore famous food

Webpage :

Search Volume : 450/month

Marketing Plan for TripVoyage :

Competitor Analysis for Tripvoyage :

Content Preparation for TripVoyage :

Performance (6)


Keyword Analysis for Alpha Packers :

Traffic Graph

Find our client Case Studies – Please click here
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